Month: January 2019

Three The Hard Way – EP9

Blaxploitation was a staple of the 1970’s, and like all genres there are good ones (see Film Detour Episode 2) and bad ones. John Huston once said “We can make ’em BAD too, if that’s what they want”. Gordon Parks Jr. answered that clarion call with “Three The Hard Way”, starring Jim Brown, Fred “The…

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The Shooting – Ep08

Warren Oates is one the great screen actors of all time. He’s easily as good as Brando, De Niro or Daniel Day Lewis. In this episode of Film Detour he leads a disparate party through the Utah Desert. Captured spectacularly by cinematographer Gregory Sandor, masterfully directed by Monte Hellman, co-starring the nastiest Jack Nicholson this…

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