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Trouble Man and Other Guilty Pleasures – EP25

Movies are deeply connected to our moods. There’s the cerebral Bergman mood, the artful Truffaut mood, the classic Hitchcock mood and a work of genius by Kurosawa mood. Then there’re these babies. Come along with us while we dig...

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Sorcerer – EP24

In 1975 William Friedkin went into the jungle with a film crew, an international cast, two trucks and an arsonist from Queens and came out with a masterpiece. A cinematic banquet for the eyes, the ears and the mind....

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The Set-Up Ep23

Robert Wise was a Hollywood shapeshifter. His ability to move seamlessly from one genre to another, and another, and another is unparalleled. In this installment we discuss Mr. Wise’s incredible career, with a focus on his 1949 Film Noir...

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Maitresse – EP22

What do you get when you mix a small time thief with a high priced dominatrix? Well, not exactly Casablanca, but a classic movie love story nonetheless. With a little S&M thrown in for good measure. Hey, a girl’s...

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X: The Man With The X-Ray Eyes – EP21

And the EYES have it!!! X:THE MAN WITH THE X-RAY EYES is this year’s offering for our annual Halloween Show!! A mini classic directed by Roger Corman and Starring Ray Milland. So, grab your X-Ray Spex & some witches brew and join us! You ain’t seen...

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New York Story – Life Lessons – EP20

Before you see Marty’s longest movie check out his shortest. A 42 minute classic New York Story, written and directed by a couple of real New Yorkers (Scorsese & Richard Price). Join us for (Episode 20) “Life Lessons” starring...

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