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Two-Lane Blacktop – Ep28

In 1971, the masterful director Monte Hellman headed out onto Route 66 with a script by Rudy Wurlitzer, a 55 Chevy, a Driver, a Mechanic, a Girl, an “Orbit Orange” Pontiac GTO and created a masterpiece. Join us for...

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Don Seigel – Dirty Harry – Ep27

Don Seigel was a classic director. He learned his craft and honed his skills in the Hollywood studio system. He could handle any genre, subject, or budget that was handed to him. A master of pacing and timing, his...

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Shivers – Ep26

‘Tis the season to be SCARY. And what better way to send Shivers down your spine than with this Cronenbergian creation. (Nobody delves deeper into your psyche than Ol’ Dave.) So, get yourself settled in, turn out all the...

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Trouble Man and Other Guilty Pleasures – EP25

Movies are deeply connected to our moods. There’s the cerebral Bergman mood, the artful Truffaut mood, the classic Hitchcock mood and a work of genius by Kurosawa mood. Then there’re these babies. Come along with us while we dig...

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Sorcerer – EP24

In 1975 William Friedkin went into the jungle with a film crew, an international cast, two trucks and an arsonist from Queens and came out with a masterpiece. A cinematic banquet for the eyes, the ears and the mind....

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The Set-Up Ep23

Robert Wise was a Hollywood shapeshifter. His ability to move seamlessly from one genre to another, and another, and another is unparalleled. In this installment we discuss Mr. Wise’s incredible career, with a focus on his 1949 Film Noir...

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