Tired of the same old Hollywood Blockbusters and well tread “classics”? Take a detour down a different movie path. A Film Detour.

In each podcast episode John & Bob, two lifelong film buddies, take you off road to one of their favorite but not so well known classic films. Listen in as they dissect a lost gem with original and offbeat commentary, honed over many a dive bar and cross many a diner table.

Film Detour podcast celebrates the love of movies by taking you on a journey of lost classics.

Latest Episodes

Trouble Man and Other Guilty Pleasures – EP25

Movies are deeply connected to our moods. There’s the cerebral Bergman mood, the artful Truffaut mood, the classic Hitchcock mood and a work of genius by Kurosawa mood. Then there’re these babies. Come along with us while we dig deep for the really Good out of The Bad & The Ugly in an episode we...

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Sorcerer – EP24

In 1975 William Friedkin went into the jungle with a film crew, an international cast, two trucks and an arsonist from Queens and came out with a masterpiece. A cinematic banquet for the eyes, the ears and the mind. So gas up your truck, grab some popcorn, a couple of cervezas, and a machete and...

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The Set-Up Ep23

Robert Wise was a Hollywood shapeshifter. His ability to move seamlessly from one genre to another, and another, and another is unparalleled. In this installment we discuss Mr. Wise’s incredible career, with a focus on his 1949 Film Noir masterpiece The Set-Up. Featuring: Feast for the eyes visuals, crackling dialog and wonderful performances, all wrapped...

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Show Hosts

John Knapich and Bob Muller met as film students at The New School in the early ‘80’s. They shared a life long passion for movies. They haunted the many retro movie theaters in New York City, wrote screenplays, made student films, worked together at Broadcast Arts, and through their careers continued to watch thousands of their favorite films and discuss them over many beers at the “Paul Newman” bar (The Horseshoe Bar/ aka Vazacs) on Avenue B.
Now they hope to share these movies with you on their podcast, Film Detour.

Bob Muller & John Knapich

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