Month: November 2018

Zardoz – Ep05

Here’s an idea. Take James Bond (Sean Connery fresh out of his 007 tux), strip him down to almost naked, give him really long hair tied up in a braid, a sorta Village People handlebar mustache, red bandoliers crisscrossing his bare, hairy chest, a red jockstrap kinda thing to cover his privates, thigh high leather…

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The Long Goodbye – Ep04

How many hard boiled detectives do you know who’d go out at three o’clock in the morning to buy their kitty its favorite brand of cat food? Only one. Philip Marlowe, played oh so languidly by Elliot Gould, in The Long Goodbye. Expect the unexpected when veteran director Robert Altman brings Raymond Chandler’s classic 1940’s…

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