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Shadow Of A Doubt – Ep15

You all know Anthony Perkins in Psycho and Tippi Hedren in The Birds, but what do you know about Uncle Charlie? Join us for Episode 15, Shadow of A Doubt. A Hitchcock classic! Starring: Joseph Cotton,Teresa Wright, Henry Travers,...

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Videodrome – Ep14

David Cronenberg. A filmmaker like no other. A magician who takes the fantastic and impossible and makes it into living, breathing reality. VIDEODROME is a “reality” that lives and breathes and becomes flesh. Starring James Woods and Debra Harry. Mind blowing...

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The Friends of Eddie Coyle – Ep13

Eddie Coyle is a small time operator who’s going to be moving into the “Big House”  if he can’t make some kinda deal fast. But, as the old saying goes “you know who your friends are on moving day“. Join us for...

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The Getaway – Ep12

The coolest of the cool, Steve McQueen stars in the high octane, crime drama The Getaway. Directed by the notorious Sam Peckinpah and co-starring the impossibly beautiful (and gun toting!) Ali MacGraw. Featuring: Ben Johnson, Al Lettieri, Bo Hopkins,...

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Modern Romance – Ep11

Albert Brooks takes love to sweepingly new neurotic heights!! And takes us, as well, behind the scenes of that beautiful sausage factory called Hollywood. In his triple threat (writer, director & actor) piece of cinematic comedy brilliance, Modern Romance. Also starring Kathryn Harrold, James...

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Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore – Ep10

Martin Scorsese carved out his early career with films like Mean Streets and Taxi Driver. Gut punch & harrowing films. But, sandwiched between those two landmark films is a lost Scorsese classic. A story of a woman desperately trying...

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